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Gopal Premium Compounded (Hing) (50Gm)

Gopal Premium Compounded (Hing) (50Gm)

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Gopal Premium Hing

Gopal Premium Hing is used in food to give essence and aroma to your favorite dishes' taste. It comes directly from the importers & manufacturers, guaranteed to be the purest packaged Hing available in the market. Processed in a 100% automated facility to provide you with 100% natural, hygienic, and healthy Hing product.

Benefits of Hing

Premium Hing, like other forms of hing (asafoetida), is valued for its capacity to improve the flavor and aroma of foods as well as its potential health advantages.

  • Flavor Enhancement: Hing gives a distinct and savory flavor to foods.
  • Aroma: The aroma of Hing is distinctive and appealing, enhancing the sensory experience of eating.
  • Health Benefits: Hing may provide health advantages due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant characteristics.
  • Long Shelf Life: Gopal Premium Hing has a long shelf life when stored properly, making it a convenient pantry staple.

How to Use

  • Tempering (Tadka): Add a pinch of hing to hot oil or ghee in a pan before adding other spices or ingredients to enhance flavor.
  • Adjust to Taste: Start with a small amount of hing and adjust to taste, as it has a strong flavor.
  • Storage: Store hing in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its flavor and aroma.

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Rajiv chopra
just ok

The quality is not as good as was expected

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