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  • This tri pack gulaal colours has been made using 100% organic materials so that you and your family can enjoy Holi without worrying about rashes, skin irritation and hair damage.
  • It's safe to skin , eco -friendly and doesnt harm the nature .
  • Pure App wishes you a safe and ecofriendly Holi.

Made by using 100% natural and organic materials, the Tri Pack-Inspired by Nature is the perfect companion for Holi Celebration. Featuring three different shades of safe and soft Gulal colors, this set can be purchased for both- personal use and gifting purposes. Each color is packed separately in classy 80gm containers. The people would love to use these during the festivities, fostering and promoting the use of safer alternatives. PureApp's Gulal colors are the best ways to avoid catching any skin irritation or inflammatory issues. This way you can enjoy the celebration without any restrictions!