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Cock Brand

Refilling Service for Cock Brand Colour Cloud Extinguishers

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Rs. 350.00
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Rs. 350.00
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This service is for people who are looking forward to reuse their Colour Cylinders.

Refilling charges for Colour Cloud including delivery Charges from our end once we receive the same cylinder back to us.(with the form)

COLOUR CLOUD Boom-Boom : Rs600
COLOUR CLOUD 4kg : Rs.450

Process Is mentioned below

Process : (Form to send with the product will be downloaded once you buy this service,Link will appear)

1.Once you buy the service a form will be available to download.

2.You have to send us the product back to us with the form.
3.You have to mention Full name,Full Address,Mobile number as mentioned in form.
4.We will refill it, pack it & send it back to you.

5.Enjoy the Cock Brand Colour Cloud just like a new product.

Note : Courier charges from your end has to be paid by you, company will fill the product --> Pack it -----> Courier it back to you.